SEISS Eligibility Checker released

*Firstly, we do not have your Gov. login account details, we use an Accountants gateway.*

HMRC have today introduced the online eligibility checker for the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS), as well as setting out more criteria for the funding.



The eligibility checker does three things:

• Confirms eligibility for the grant

• updates your contact details

• Invites you to create a gov. account to claim online if you haven’t already got one

It does not:

• Tell you how much you will receive

• When you will receive it

By creating an online Gov account, this will no doubt speed up your application process.

If you do not have a Gov account, you can create one using the eligibility checker, this should take you no more than 15 minutes, you will need your UTR and national insurance number, both of which can be found in your NJB TAXBACK online profile.

We can assist in the creation of an account for you, we can only create new accounts for existing clients, and I’m afraid that will incur a non-profit admin fee of £20

Creating a gov account should take us no more than 25 minutes; we can not restore access to previously created accounts.

For us to create your Gov account, we will need a copy of your valid passport photo page, a current utility bill or proof of address would also be helpful.

• We do not have your personal gov gateway information we have an accountants gateway.

HMRC will still be writing out to everyone as discussed, and they will be inviting people to create an online gov account, or if this is not possible, including more information on alternative ways to apply.

We also found this link to be very informative:

The information regarding universal credit also seems to back up our theory that universal credit received before the grant will not need to be paid back or reduce the amount you receive.

However, It will certainly reduce any future amounts you receive.

We do not wish to comment further on U.C as there is a lot of different information going around, from a lot of different sources.